The aim of this website is to provide the reader with information on Sherief Elsayed and the services he offers, including appointment details, certain spinal conditions, complications and instructions for solicitors requesting a medicolegal service.

The complications listed on this website are not exhaustive.  They vary in frequency depending on the underlying pathology and the proposed surgical treatment, and depend on various patient factors.  Medical words are used throughout the website though if there are any you do not understand, or wish to understand better, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sherief Elsayed.

The information on this website, including the complications, is based on various sources.  Some of them are based on evidence from research, others on experience and others on the personal teachings of many great, highly experienced surgeons.

Sherief Elsayed does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this website or any given individual's interpretation of the information provided.  No drug dosages have been listed on this website purposefully, in order to avoid any misinterpretation. 


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Sherief Elsayed's Achievements

  • Fellowship-trained Consultant Spinal Surgeon

  • Lead Clinician for Spinal Surgery, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

  • Executive Committee Member - British Association of Spine Surgeons

  • Ambassador, City of Nottingham, City of Brighton & Hove

  • Experienced Medicolegal Expert

  • Winner, British Association of Spinal Surgeons / British Scoliosis Society Presidents' Travelling Fellow, 2015

  • International Editor, Miller Review of Orthopaedics, 6th Edition – the seminal Orthopaedic text

  • Personally taught over 11,000 medical students and doctors

  • Winner, Lecturer of the Year, Joint 1st Place, Miller UK Orthopaedic Review Course 2012

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Mr Sherief Elsayed, Consultant Spine Surgeon